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To accommodate my growing list of clients several years back, I built a website template engine from scratch. I was primarily building sites for artists and actors in New York City and Los Angeles when I first began designing. My business name, “Starving Artist Web Design,” soon became a popular one in the theater and film communities for providing clear and stylish websites, specifically targeted for artists. This was in Flash’s hay day, and most of what I built used this powerful software and coding platform. Years went by, and I realized there was a huge need for artists to be able to enjoy a Flash website at a low monthly cost that they could update themselves. The Starving Artist Website Template was born.


Though originally programmed in Flash by yours truly, I later went on to replicate the layout and code work in HTML5 and PHP so that each client could have their site compatible with both Desktop and Mobile devices. I am currently in the process of revamping these templates once again to be more updated and reflective of current design trends, a project that will be unveiled in the future months to come!

For now, I have hundreds of happy clients, easily building and updating their sites using the platform I designed and coded from scratch in Actionscript and PHP.


With various layouts and skins to choose from, these templates are unique in that they don't feel like templates at all.

Perhaps the most daunting task in the rolodex of requirements was the build-out of a from-scratch CMS/engine that was unique to what I designed on the front-end. I coded this CMS from the ground up using PHP, Actionscript and XML. I still am so pleased when customers tell me that it is one of the easiest and user-friendly platforms they have ever used.

  • compatible on all devices

    These templates look fantastic on any device because they render in both a mobile and desktop version.

  • easily updatable

    The most important goal was to make this easy, easy, easy. Even the severely tech-challenged remark that this system is simple and straight-forward.