Scroll down for some of my most recent design and development projects.

Ted Allen and his management approached me to design and build a new website for the popular Food Network TV Host. Ted wanted something sleek, professional, masculine and modern, while also being authoritative on the subject of all things food.


Ted is very active on social media, and needed his site to reflect his growing list of followers and fans, as well as his frequent activity on Twitter and Instagram. I created an aggregated social media feed to tackle this request, sourcing from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep Ted’s site up to date with his events, musings, and endeavors.

Whether it is a new recipe Ted is sharing, news on an upcoming appearance, or behind the scenes looks at filming at the Food Network Studios, Ted's fans can find all their information in one spot, with just a few clicks.

  • fully responsive

    An adaptable design layout that adjusts to all screen and device sizes, from portrait orientation on a phone, to landscape on a large display screen.

  • social media stream

    An aggregated feed from various social media sources, allowing the client to post to his website through many different sources.

  • easily updatable

    All the content is aggregated through custom PHP, allowing for the client to update their site through a wordpress editor in a few clicks.